Sussex Colonics

Reasons to Choose Sussex Colonics

Professional & Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Full training with The Guild of Colon Hydrotherapists in 2005, further training with The National College of Colon Hydro therapy 2010, Member of ARCH (Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapist) and RICAT (The Register of Integrative Colon Therapists & Trainers). Room inspected and approved.

My Philosophy

People often have asked why I do my job. I can truly say that going for a colonic was one of the best things I have ever done. Yes I was nervous but the benefits of wellbeing, a rehydrated body and toned colon muscles revitalized me both physically and mentally. I am able to combine my holistic training with my treatments. I believe good health comes from within. Our modern lifestyle sometimes plays havoc with our digestive system I think it's important to be conscious of what we eat and stick to a healthy diet & drink plenty of water whenever possible.

Individual and Personalized Treatments

My treatment room to the highest standards of cleanliness, despite the clinical environment. Each treatment is individually suited to each client following a one to one consultation. I ensure that each client is relaxed and that the treatment is unhurried. Personal concerns are listened to and support is offered during this gentle procedure.

Closed System with Single Use Disposable Equipment for Each Treatment

I use the gravity system (closed) rather than colonic machines. I have trained with both systems, but find I get much better results with the closed system. It is odourless and far more effective. At the same time it also allows me to offer massage and chat to my clients making sure that they are comfortable.

My Way of Working

From the moment I meet you to the time you leave my premises, I am completely engaged and focused on you. I feel it is most important to keep you informed about what is happening, how the process is working and the reasons why at all times.

En-suite Toilet

Unlike some clinics with shared facilities your privacy is maintained. The treatment room has its own separate washroom with WC where you can prepare yourself in an unhurried way and retire to following the treatment.

Herbs and Coffee Enemas at no extra charge if required

In some cases these may beneficial. Full assessment during the consultation.

Course Discount Available

Should you require to book a course of several sessions, I offer reduced rates for this.

Easy Free Parking

Situated in Lewes in an accessible area.

Evening & Week end appointments

Flexible options are offered.

Life Style Weight Management and Supplement Advice

Additional discussions to support the colonic treatment around supplements, nutrition and goals to achieve weight loss are offered at no extra charge.